Academic Results

Improving our students’ academic performance is critical to our success.  While we are pleased to learn that the longer our students study with us at Takshashila Gurukulam, the better they perform on standardized tests designed to measure their understanding of core academic concepts, we continue to strive for deeper learning for each student.


We self-administered the ASSET test in early 2012 to a subset of our students in the appropriate classes. The ASSET test was designed by the well-respected assessment, research, and training firm Educational Initiatives (EI) and has been used around India to measure student performance.  Unlike tests which focus on how much information a child has absorbed or retained, the ASSET tests measures how well a student has understood specific concepts which are critical building blocks for their continued learning.  We are proud to state that our students’ scores are already considerably above both national and regional averages. But even more importantly, students attending our school for almost three years, since its opening in July 2009, outperformed those newer to Takshashila, further demonstrating the success of our model.