Our Students

Families who send their children to Takshashila come from a wide range of backgrounds – social, economic, and educational – from the 20 kilometer radius around the school campus, and beyond.  Our parents work as farmers, manual laborers, security guards, shop keepers, office workers, and government employees.  They range from those who are illiterate to those with college degrees from local universities of varying quality.  Some families pay their full tuition and are able to take advantage of extended day programs at the school, others struggle to pay even our lowest fees or send their children on full scholarship.  Some parents participate actively in their children’s education, visiting the school to meet teachers, receive results, and share feedback.  Others prefer to stay away, whether too busy with the demands of their work, too intimidated by the formal school setting, or simply unconvinced about the value of their active participation and support.  However, all of them understand that making an investment in their children’s education, whether of time, resources, or both, is vital in today’s changing world.

Our students also come to us with a range of skills and expectations.  Some children have started their schooling with us and have easily adapted to the programs, others have joined us from other area schools at a much later stage, and need some time to adjust.   Similarly, some students joined us prepared for their age-appropriate grade level, while others struggle to keep up, even if they are older than their classmates, due to the quality of the education they have received in the past.  Some learn quickly in the standard audio-visual style and behave well in a structured classroom setting, others learn in different ways, and struggle with the routine of a formal school day.  English language skills run the spectrum from non-existent to very good.

Despite these differences, the school educates all students, rural and urban, side by side.   While their parents, and even students themselves, may have differing expectations, we aim to provide each student with the same quality education and ask them to meet the same standards, which have risen steadily as the school grows and matures.

To better understand our students, please see selected students’ profiles, or make time to visit us in Dadri.