School Year Welcome Letter


Dear Parents,

We want to extend a warm welcome back to all of our returning students, and a warm welcome to our new students.  We have an exciting year planned at Takshashila Gurukulam, and we are all very pleased that you will be with us.

As we begin the new school year, we continue to expand our programs to offer your children a quality English Medium education with an emphasis on thinking and learning so that each child may build the skills necessary for success in today’s world.  The schooling process should not only teach children the basics, but also instill excitement and curiosity for learning, as well as respect for others and the world around them.   We feel privileged to be your partners in this process.

For the current 2013-14 school year, we would like to highlight the following:

  1. As in past years, we continue to use the top English Medium textbooks, reviewed again this year by academic experts, to ensure that your children are following the highest quality curriculum in each and every subject.
  2. Due to great success, we will continue to use the Karadi English language learning program to emphasize spoken English.
  3. In math, our use of the award-winning Jodo Gyan hands-on math materials will continue, as well as other manipulative materials for our younger students to stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving from a young age.
  4. By popular demand, we have significantly upgraded our computer lab with a new set of computers and have begun working with a partner organization to customize content for computer learning, starting with our Middle School students.
  5. To create excitement for learning and to build critical reading skills, we have also partnered with a well-respected education organization and opened a new library with over 2,000 books for children of all ages.
  6. As children also need to learn from their environment outside of the classroom, we will continue our physical education, music, and arts programs for the coming year.
  7. Given the success we have had in the last year, we will expand ours hands-on Science learning program to bring textbook learning to life in simple but powerful ways.
  8. To bring in international best practices, we will continue to host international teaching fellows at our school for the coming year to share their knowledge and to give our children another window to the larger world in which they live today.
  9. In addition, we continue to offer our after-school program to extend the learning beyond the core school day, for those students who enroll, in a structured environment.  This program includes additional English practice, homework help, reinforcement of lessons, and additional academic enrichment activities, as appropriate for each class.  We also have a small but growing hostel program for those families who wish to have their children reside at the school.  Both programs enable children to spend more time in a structured academic environment, a practice which has been proven to be very beneficial for student achievement.


Above all, we are committed to keeping your children in school, to helping them acquire the fundamental skills for success in today’s world, and to challenging them to be their very best.


We look forward to seeing you all at the school frequently in the year ahead.   Supporting each child is a partnership between parents and teachers.  We are committed to being your partner in this process.


Manish Agrawal                                                                            Melanie Bowen

Founder                                                                                          Advisor