In order to provide a better education for our students, and to achieve our goal of sustainability, we aim to maximize use of our campus and facilities.  Underpinning our approach is research which has demonstrated that for children who come from behind or do not have strong daily family support in their education, more time in a structured learning environment – more hours of the day, more days of the week, and more weeks of the year – can be very beneficial.

Core school day

Offering the best education possible to all of our students during the regular school day is our first priority.  In addition to the traditional subjects like math, science, languages, and history, we have introduced additional developmentally appropriate classes such as physical education, computers, art, music, and spoken English as well as structured sessions in our new library.  Our school day has a staggered start to enable the upper school students to begin first thing in the morning, while the school makes best use of our busses and vans.  The school operates on a six day schedule every week.


Recognizing that many students benefit from additional time in school, we offer a daily after-school academic program, tailored by grade level.  Students who enroll in our extended-day program spend time reviewing difficult lessons in smaller groups, receive assistance with homework, and also participate in a variety of activities to strengthen their English, math, and problem solving skills.


For those families who either live too far from the school to send their children back and forth from home on a daily basis, as well as for parents who believe that their child or children will benefit from additional time in a structured learning environment, we run a small but growing hostel program.  Students live right on campus with many of our teachers and staff, allowing them to take advantage of extra study and sports periods and to build deeper relationships with their teachers and fellow residential students.  Residential students also benefit in numerous ways from living side by side with international teaching fellows from time to time.

Summer school

To maximize the learning opportunities throughout the year, we also offer a summer school program during the traditional summer vacation.  Students who enroll in this program come to school in the mornings and focus on improving core skills in smaller groups.